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February 20, 2005


Betsy Rosenberg

Oy Kyoto

I watched the network news tonight, oh my. Iraq, Iran, threat of terrorism up (read Bush's ratings are down). Peter Jennings, reporting from Seattle, had a feature on Bill Gates and (surprisingly Flex-car share program) but NOTHING about the historic international enactment of the global warming treaty today, nor mention of the travesty that the US stayed home, busy emitting 25% of the world's resources.Does U.S. stand for Utter Stupidity? What an embarassment. Al Gore made a good point in his comments this week (you can hear them on EcoTalk this Sunday)how Bush, in his State of Delusion Speech, trumped up a crisis where there is none - Social Security - while ignoring the crisis of climate change unfolding before our eyes - or at least the eyes of those who dare to see(k) the truth. For that, W gets the EcoTalk Ostrich Of The Week Award!

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