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April 24, 2005



Morning.Never visited this blog before but I like your show and like my global climate non freaky and non catastrophic,not a lot of school but I got questions and concerns as everyone does,some probably not great but hey.When it comes to new technologies for conservation in industry and whatever,what is the greatest antagonist to environmentally responsible progress and application to new technologies.

Stupid but for example a Movie Reference-Keanu Reeves Morgan Freemans "ChainReaction"

Do new technologies exhist?What holds them up;not enough money for mass application of daysaving patents,not talking about solving cold fusion of coarse(whatever that is) but is there line of dead scientist with bazillionairs sleeping on a pillow full of blueprints for secret inventions like sci-fi dreams are made of,or are more ideas needed in a writers block filled world of otherwise brilliant and creative people stunted by distacting times?Thanks for reading.


I don't know, this may be off topic a bit. I've been here before so I'll say it all in one shot.
I have a sinking feeling that we will be the next generation to screw up the planet and leave a mess as a legacy to my daughter and her generation. Damn that tix me off. Wil we ever smarten up and get it thru our arrogant thick heads that there are more important things on this beautiful blue marble than the ever powerful flippin $$$$$$$
Arrogance will be the downfall of us as a species. Some where some day some one will pull the big one outta they're hat and we will no longer be at the top of food chain .... No I'm not depressed ..... hehehe ..... just very frustrated. When our supposed intelligent leaders suggest we move towards Nuclear (Unclear) energy ....... OOOOYYyyyyyyyyyy VEEEYYYYYYYYyyy .... I tend to go over the deep end. Why must all our decisions be based on $$$$$ and not the future. Just because our time in this universe is a finite experience does not give us the right to be so damn selfish !!!!!!!!
Wind is where we should be going ...... It can be the next manufacturing boom in this country and around the world. No, it will replace our energy needs but it can reduce our reliance on fossil fuels by as much as 10% which would be substantial

Betsy Rosenberg

I share your angst loud-voi - my outlet is Ecotalk (and the gym!. You'll want to tune in next week (May 8th) as our topic is renewables, with a focus on wind power.
I too am sickened when I envision the future for my only child, my beautiful 10 year-old daughter, especially when she dreams out loud about being a dancer with 4 children someday (since she doesn't like being an only!). We must all become as fully engaged as possible to awaken the slumbering masses and let it be known that the status quo is killing us slowly and that there IS a way out but only if we start heading for the door now.

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