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May 01, 2005


Fantsy Pants Elitist

Environmentalism is not "dead". it never will die.

why aren't you talking about the recovery of the condor and the rediscovery of the white billed woodpecker?

we would be a lot more exciting if we focused on GOOD things. That gives people positive motivation as opposed to the motivation of fear....

WE can still talk about the "negative things...but we have to talk about good things.

NASA just declared global warming is definitely happening... This is good news too...

let's not talk about a premature death.

Steven Thompson

I too am wondering why we're giving fashion statements the time of day. We belittle this movement and bring shame to it by entertaining such charlatanism. Environmental concern may be subject to the dictates of fashion, but the earth continues to suffer irremediable damage, whether we consider it fashionable to care or not. So, let's save claims of fashion for the fashion pages, where they belong, and let's not be taken in by the diversions of the enemy!


Victorian fashion statements wreaked havoc on South Pacific bird populations. Feathers were popular.

The creature is vain.

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