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June 24, 2005



like these all-electric carriers?:


A fleet for urban transit-
make them smart to only function
within city limits and return
to area of need after each use.

Brian and Casper O'Moore

I've heard some "News"(I don't trust any "News" from Corporate media that QUESTIONS alternative fuel sources!) recently that Bio-Diesel fuel is not "agriculturally-efficient," etcetera, yet in more "Vegan-friendly" Countries(Hinduistic Majority INDIA, for example) the projections are that INDIA would be a highly-EFFICIENT place for BIO-Diesel FuelS, given that it's ancient, yet TIME-Proven and tested soil is naturally more "efficient" at growing Vegetables and other possible (future) sources of Bio-Diesel fuel.

Again, the source for the INDIA Bio-Diesel fuel story was an Enviro-Friendly WEB SITE, forget the name, linked through Commondreams.org, and for the "Bio-Diesel not being efficient" it was the major "News" media.

I just sense that Fuel Cells alone, will not be enough, once Oil hits $100.00 and more per barrel(though they-Fuel Cells, should HAVE BEEN phased in, years earlier than now, Oil Company HACKS in Bush admin. and Repub. "Lead" Congress are WAY, way behind on this)and BIO-Diesel remains a Fuel source with GREAT potential, to me. Any Responses or comments to this?(Jay Salzburg, e.g., says "the Answer is the WIND and the SUN, but Solar-Powered CARS, a real option?)

God of War

We are forcing the rest of the world to capitalize early when they are 'ready' to allow american companies to steal Asian R&D for a change.

God of War

Patent BioDeisel if you are not risk averse.

Biodiesel/electric cell subcompact sports car.

Brian and Casper O'Moore

The Staet govt. of CALIFORNIA doth not "have alot of money," because Recall "Elected" Gov. ARNOLD and His BACKERS, the PRICE-GOUGING Energy "Companies"(Duke Energy, El Paso Electric, ENRON! Etcetera) of California, were TOO BUSY OVERCHARGING Californians on The Skyrocketing ELECTRIC RATES In California's PHONY, Staged Energy "Crisis" of the "Deregulation" Years of 2000-2002, etcetera, which Resulted in the MANY Small BusinesseS that Arnold CLAIMS to back having to Close their doors due to the HIGH Electric RateS$, and too many POORER senior Citizens, in effect, DYING of HEATSTROKE, because they could NORT Afford their Electricity for their AIR CONDITIONERS in the HOT Calif. SummerS!

That's WHY Arnold is hardly anything but a BIG ENERGY HACK, and worse! He's too busy getting PAID off by and MEETING With KEN LAY of Enron, etcetera, to really CARE about Hydrogen Fuels, etcetera.


Considering the 3rd house leaders like China and India are also major contributors to pollution, it would be nice if you can consider the diligent and concerted effort by a small Indian company which has been making fuel cell cars for the past few years. Although it does not take you places in terms of horsepower or distance, it sure does promote thought about the environment.
The car is called Reva and the company website is http://www.revaindia.com.


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