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March 16, 2006


Craig Corvington

I listened to this evangelical, Jim Wallis, try to "squeeze" the environment into a religious issue so that his followers can make another secular issue part of a religion. Thats what the right are doing to abortion,the war and gay rights.It's "double speak".If any one from any religion feels It a moral responsibility to protect this environment from the debasing with pollution that has been going on for more than a century now,then let them speek up, and take action in whatever way they can...But keep your organised religion out of It.I have wondered why the democrats,who appear to have no intestinal fortitude,have not taken on the religion's that have been violating the separation of chuich and state for many years now. This is another way of changing the wording around like thy did when they tried to get "Creationism" into the schools to be taught as a science.I feel dirtied when I see them trying to dictate how I am suppose to behave about almost anything. And I am a Christian.And I am a Patriot. And I am moral. And I don't belive in what they are trying to do even If It would be more votes for the environment. Eventually they will tell you how eating is a biblical moral issue. There is no end to there sliming there way into every aspect of your life and politics.
I think I have to go and take a shower to wash the slime off.
Your Friend of the Environment,

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