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November 10, 2006


Tim Anderson

Hi Betsy,

Regular listener to your show here in Dallas via XM radio. As a concerned electrical engineer I applaud your efforts to raise consciousness about the abuse of our planet in the name of greed, however tonight I once again heard you (rightly) heaping praise on Toyota's hybrid efforts while lambasting Ford's lack of vision.

The reality is Ford has offered a very capable 'full hybrid' of their own since October 2004, and I think you do a disservice to your listeners and to our domestic auto industry by overlooking it. True, they were late to market, but it should be noted that Ford had the vision to begin development of this vehicle back in 1998, a time of cheap and plentiful gasoline. It is a true, full hybrid, capable of operating solely on the electric motor, and for those who actually need the cargo capacity and or four wheel drive it makes a very compelling home-grown choice. According to the Green Hybrid fuel economy database the vehicle has been returning a median 32 mpg for the two wheel drive version, 29 for the 4x4. Taxi fleets are currently using the vehicles in both NYC and SF, but since they look just like conventional Escapes you might never notice them.

As our domestic auto industry reels from the combined effects of pension costs, fuel costs and health care costs I believe it is vital to encourage them when they actually do the right thing.



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