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February 08, 2007


L. Edmunds McDaniel

Betsy Rosenburg needs to get a real job, unless you call being a modern day "Chicken Little" a job!Rosenburg and people like her are the reason we have young men and women dying in the Middle East.The
Environmentalist Wacko's have helped stop the construction of oil refineries and drilling in the U.S. causing a dependence on foreign oil. This situation in turn has made our enemies use oil as a weapon against us. I hope you people are happy with the blood on your hands. The earth was created for us and we are part of the environment not removed from it. Global warming is a hoax and in 20 yrs Al Gores' film will be a comedy.


This woman was so funny. To the end of the segment...when she's starting to get confronted with facts...she gets defensive.

Here's a question for "credible scientists".

How many tons ofgreenhouse gases are produced by man in a year. And how many tons are created by a single volcanic eruption.

stanley: From credible scientists... Volcanic eruptions actually contribute more to global cooling than warming, because the particulate they throw into the atmosphere has a greater effect than the CO2 they emit (even passively). Particulate acts to block solar radiation from reaching the earth, thereby lowering temperatures. Not only that, but studies have shown that photosynthesis is more efficient with diffused sunlight, meaning they tend to absorb more CO2 post-eruption. Most studies show that even accounting for all global volcanic activity (eruptions or passive) year by year, anthropogenic (human generated) CO2 emissions far outstrip volcanoes by 100-150 times.

It is easy to underestimate the effect of several hundred years of unchecked human industrialization, factory farms (bovine and ovine flatulence), rain forest depletion, cityscapes, mining, etc. There is no doubt that natural processes contribute global warming emissions (CO2 & methane), however they are largely reabsorbed via the earth's natural carbon cycle. It is the extra unnatural emissions that are the cause for great concern in the "science" community. Science doesn't care if you think an environmental talk show host was "funny" because she became flustered on national TV. Fox News began by tilting this debate (?) against her eco-position, by characterizing global warming as "hysteria." Fox's catch phrase, "We Report. You Decide." Seems like the decision was predestined, and it wasn't fair and balanced. Her point was quite valid (even if talked over in Fox rude style), "What are you so afraid of?"

L. Edmunds McDaniel: There are so many fallacies in your hateful post, I hardly know where to begin. Betsy Rosenburg does not blindly fabricate her position, she arrives at her conclusions after 25 years in broadcast journalism and having interviewed dozens of diverse experts both on the air and off. To frame "Environmentalist Wacko's" as you do, is an old and tired neuro-linguistic programming stunt. To care for the environment is wacko?

Oil is bought and sold on the global market, not locally. Even while Prudhoe Bay was increasing its production, prices per barrel were increasing, not decreasing. We are importing oil because domestic production peaked in 1971 while our consumption continued to rise, NOT because "Wacko's" stopped construction of oil refineries. Ever heard of Hubbert's Peak? This was accurately predicted in 1956, and it had NOTHING to do with modeling cause-effect social behavior of environmentalists. If they yielded that much influence, we wouldn't have mountain-top removal today, fuel economy wouldn't be going in the wrong direction, sustainability would reign supreme, and we most definitely would NOT be sending troops to protect oil fields under foreign soil. The only thing that caused a dependence on foreign oil, was good old fashioned American greed and arrogance. We refuse to subsidize alternative energy to the same extent we subsidize oil companies, and so it's called a failure.

"The earth was created for us..." Are you kidding me? Now you're replacing science and economics with religious ideology. You've proven my point about arrogance, that we give
ourselves permission to operate with reckless abandon, because we're convinced humans are the single most important species. You have the unmitigated gall to blame environmental protection for soldiers dying in the Middle East and somehow creating enemies! You got one thing right, "...we are part of the environment..." However, we have removed ourselves from it by our unsustainable capitalism. People like you believe humans can do no wrong, except for those who impose restrictions on gluttony. You live in your own little world, and it's a sad delusional place. With all due respect to the truly good amongst the God fearing faithful, global warming exists whether you believe in it or not.

Victoria E

I'm glad to see that someone took the time to defend Betsy and her work. I don't even know where to start with how frustrating it is to hear people still try and deny that global warming is a human problem and, for the majority, of human cause. Are we so arrogant that can't see our harmful actions unfolding right in front of us?

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