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February 06, 2007


Charles Seabrook

I wonder if these folks who put out this report really know what the hell is going on. Here they are imagining future scenarios. But do they have any idea -- any idea at all -- that one of our most prized species in our Southern Appalachian forests is disappearing under our very noses, the hemlock? In 10 years, there likely won't be any hemlocks left in our mountains due to the hemlock adelgid. The hemlock is going the way of the American chestnut. Thirty years from now we will be telling our grandchildren about this great tree that used to live in the forest. The same thing is happening to our red bays on the coast. They're dying by the thousands because of the invasive ambrosia beetle. The red bays also are probably headed to extinction. The sassafras might be next. And if the sudden oak death disease ever gets a foothold in Georgia, God help us. Our live oaks will be gone before global warming every gets to them. But nobody seems to give a goddamn. Yet, we can get a lot of press talking about what may happen in the future. That's OK, but somebody needs to wake up to what's happening RIGHT NOW. Do something, goddammit, instead of putting out these cute little reports apparently written more as fund-raising gimmicks than anything else.

Charles Seabrook
Decatur, GA

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