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March 08, 2007


Larry Driever

We all know about bottled water. How about some personal responsibility, buy it if you want. Let the market take care of itself. You morons are all just anti-business. Corporations are not the bad guys.


There is actually a need for bottled water. I filter my own water at my home with a Brita water pitcher, but won't drink the water at work. The pipes are so old there that the water doesn't taste right. I find that's a common problem. Since I drink water almost exclusively, I prefer to drink bottled water when I'm away from home due to the taste. Plus I think there is probably a health issue with old pipes.


I can't take anymore

can there be anymore fucking things to worry about????

I'm like every other red blooded, nice guy, just trying to eek out an existence, and not offending anyone, protecting the environment if I can, being kind to others, loving animals, caring for others, being a just human being.

but I'm drowning in the things I'm supposed to do and not do

I'm addicted to water and hate tap
now I'm hearing I'm, once again, part of the problem

although this makes sense...
I give up

I'm tired

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