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April 17, 2007



fyi to Ms Kolbert

from danny bloom Alaska reporter, in Taiwan

[new] Planning for future polar cities now

great interview, and the reasons why people are not doing much NOW is
a very good answer. One thing nobody seems to be talking about, David
and Elizabth, is Lovelock's proposal about the need to start THINKING
about building and planning polar cities NOW, since we might need them
in the year 2500 or soon. See my blog info here:
i feel we should be planning, even constructing these polar buildings,
underground, NOW. Before it is too late. But as Elizabth says, people
cannot act on this, the future is too far away. But look, it's coming
closer every day. As we get in our cars and turn on the CO2 spigot
again and again.....

Shouldn't governments and the UN be talking about planning polar
cities NOW, for the remnants of humanity to ride out the coming global
winter, and then, later, repopulate the Earth? Why the silence on

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