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May 11, 2007


I think this is a great idea. Why don't you get michael moore or rosie O'donut to give you money?

Mary Carroll

Times are really tough for me right now but I enjoy your website and have listened to your program many times and I really loved it. So I am sending what I can for now. I hope that when things get better I can do more. Keep up the good work and thank you for all you do.

Erik Brooks

Ecotalk is excellent and my favorite show on Air America by far. I think you have to think much bigger. Murdoch has said that he is turning his News Corp empire "green" last week. Maybe he could be enticed to start an environmental program or even better a whole cable channel with you! Beyond that maybe you could approach Laurie David who helped fund and produce "Inconvenient Truth" for some funds. Keep up the good work! Please.

Susan K

How about the Sundance Channel? But I'm sure you've thought of this... Oh boy, I listen to your podcast every day. This can't be happening!

How about trying podcasting by subscription : $3000 a week divided by even just 3000 listeners is $4 bucks a month for each of us, not huge...Have you thought through that option?

Joe Frank does that.
You have far and away the best show on radio.
I noticed an Exxon-Mobil ad on Air America recently, I wonder what the connection is..................

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