Michigan State University

Michigan State University.

No A10, only A15 page 53 without date.  December 18  (Agri update)

Alliance for African partnership

to create an enabling policy environment for economic and agricultural transformation in Malawi      2,600,000

also A16/18. page 56.     same description.      5,200,000.     number 10

in A14/19. page 51. paid in 2019.  500,000

in A15/19 page 59   future 5,200,000.    number 27   

for "Establish a policy initiative in Malawi that offers research support to government policy makers. Identify reforms that can catalyze economic diversification"

so where does it stand: 2,6 paid in 2018 + 500 paid in 2019 = 3,1 on a projected 5,2?


Filter Magazine

Filter magazine. - Influence Foundation - Law Enforcement Action Partners

12/4/18. paid in 2019.       190,000

Filter will publish a minimum average of feature-length  pieces, short pieces and original videos as specified by contract.    Minimal info :(

in the A9/19 form page 39 there is a grant for Law Enforcement Action Partners and The Influence Foundation but no mention of Filter, with the same date of 12/4/18 but for 130,000, while the A15/19 page 58 notes an amount of 60,000 for

build capacity to share stories that present facts about tobacco harm reduction and nicotine to all stakeholders

while the A14/19 page 53 notes an amount of 130,000 (same description)...???




International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organizations

11/26/18.      100,000

50,150 paid in 2018?   A15 page 51

10/2/19   110,062 of 159,900?    and 99,750 in A15/19 for business plan

Develop a business plan for INNCO, which aims to represent consumers of low risk, alternative nicotine products and to promote tobacco harm reduction on the global state.

On the Foundation's site no mention of the amounts, no date, no additional precision

no mention on the INNCO's site (PDF April 2019)