above 5M

Michigan State University

Michigan State University.

No A10, only A15 page 53 without date.  December 18  (Agri update)

Alliance for African partnership

to create an enabling policy environment for economic and agricultural transformation in Malawi      2,600,000

also A16/18. page 56.     same description.      5,200,000.     number 10

in A14/19. page 51. paid in 2019.  500,000

in A15/19 page 59   future 5,200,000.    number 27   

for "Establish a policy initiative in Malawi that offers research support to government policy makers. Identify reforms that can catalyze economic diversification"

so where does it stand: 2,6 paid in 2018 + 500 paid in 2019 = 3,1 on a projected 5,2?


Knowledge Action Change

Knowledge Action Change

First edition of the Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction. GSTHR. (sic).  787,082

details:   combination of online journals 9/19/18. 69,000

First edition GSTHR.   10/1/18.        176,700

Increased capacity for THR research  306,373.  10/1/18

Translation executive summary in various languages. 10/23/18.   32,000

GSTHR roadshows.  10/26/18.       467,291

total here: 1,051,364  paid 2018 A15 page 51.   787,082    to be paid.  264,283

same total

12/2/19,    Extend THR scholarships program and Global State of THR report. 


A15 page 58 5,999,811, .... so 6M




ECLAT Catania

ECLAT. University of Catania

Center of excellence for the acceleration of harm reduction.   

5/30/18.      205,805.  (A15, page 51).  (not sure it's the amount spent A10 page 35, a bit less?)

2/1/19 2/12/19, 7/30/19, 11/4/19 see A19-15     8,036,493.   expended 1,683,718

Hub for the global coordination of scientific research for tobacco cessation and harm reduction

5 primary project types:

cohort and clinical studies, product characterization, wellness studies, technological innovations, knowledge sharing and capacity strengthening

A15 page 57 to be paid in the future: 22,928,186