What is the 990 PF form?

The 990 PF (PF is for Private Foundation) is the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) Form that a not for profit organization has to provide each year to give an explanation of how it used the funds that are tax exempt. This document is 'open to public inspection', so its content is not confidential. It gives a certain amount of information but the pdf format is not the most user friendly format and to really get the substance of the document requires spending a few hours, a few hours I assume most people don't care spending. Except if they are especially interested.

In the case of the Foundation for a Smoke Free World, go to their website, click the 'About' section (presently a pink square at the right side at the top), then Financials and scroll down to get links to the 990PF form for 2018 (57 pages) and 2019 (72 pages).

In this blog I'll especially focus on the grants and contracts awarded: who got how much, when,  to do what and is a report available.