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Increase public awareness of the drivers of smoking harm and of the availability of alternatives with high production value evidence-based interviews, short documentaries, infographic and social media involving foundation grantees, other researchers, physicians, advocates and consumers, with a strong global focus and specific focus on India.

no date given, A15 page 51,      989,457.    Nov 2019. Update 

Dom Garrett, senior correspondent and host,  Linkedin Since January 2020

Nota: apparently stopped producing in September 2020. Very little to show for the amount announced (989,457)

VIDA News is a leader in tobacco harm reduction news and information, seeking to fight misinformation and challenge the lack of transparency around international health organizations and harmful government policies.

Through original news programming, documentary spotlights, and in-depth reporting, I amplify consumers’ voices, distribute science-backed information, and improve global communication between consumers, scientists, medical leaders, and policymakers.

Generational Habit (2019 Audience Choice Award Winner at GFN Film Festival)