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Friday, August 04, 2006


Dr Jeff Aitkin

My friends father died of Asbestos related illness and cancer. I inspired me to delve into the available research and information on how these terrible events might be avoided or life extended.

From what i have read of the published medical data and research, particularly that conducted in China and Japan there is a great deal of evidence to support complimentary immune therapy, especially with infections and cancer. I've been following with some interest the development of a complimentary cancer treatment that has been designed in liason with the University of Newcastle (Australia) and although not a cure as such, the concept and the deliberate and effective use of natural elements in the product acheive remarkable results in the lab and in human trials. If you have an interest in this field or perhaps just want to keep abreast of a new treatment you may find www.mc-s.com.au fairly worthwhile reviewing.

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We most support the victims and their families.

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This blog is abolutely amazing and interesting. Actually I prefer to hear open topics where people can say or discuss a particular topic. That is why i really like the radio, specially the talk show because i can say my ipinion about the topic, it is really nice and wonderful.

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I want to express my admiration for a person like Daniel, however his illness he have the desire to share with the world his history, Daniel go ahead!

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This story is wonderful.
My grandma died last year because she has stomach cancer... I would like to be a doctor and help the people with cancer!

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