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Thursday, December 14, 2006


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i love the anti-smoking campaigns, and i would love to see people making real conscience about this terrible habit!

Susan "Quitting Smoking Side Effects" Adams

I think to all countries will be a preventable to deaths. The campaign should be deliberately discuss and explained to the people and continuous to let them conscious of the effects.


Some anti smoking campaigns are brilliant for their ideas, some are brilliant cos they show exactly what might happen to a smoker. I prefer the second approach cos it;s more visual. Just like this one.

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This battle against smoking is very hard!!

specially because it is hard to deal with youth without parental guidence or control!!

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Very good battle and under very good grounds to fight this against so much deseases that is been killing for so long the worse of all is that people can actually erradicate this problem.


We want to counter the glamorous images that the tobacco industry is putting out.

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Indeed cigarettes are killing all the smokers little by little, sooner or later the effects are going to be feel by those who smoke.

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Indeed cigarettes are the worst enemies of all our community, I mean it.

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its nice to read or hear all about anti smoking campaigns. really, thanks to the post like these

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Cigarettes Are Eating You Alive Campaign was a campaign originally developed by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. It has been adapted by the Cancer Institute NSW for use in Australia.

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This campaign visually depicts how smoking damages vital organs of the body and causes serious health problems in children exposed to cigarette smoke. I appreciate the efforts taken by this campaign who offered smokers help quitting by providing them a federal quit line number.

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It's the department's most graphic TV spot to date."Cigarettes are eating you alive," the announcer says as views of a beating heart and blackened lung flash across the screen. Hence it is quite a useful information.

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Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden and his department have mounted an aggressive battle against smoking since he was appointed in 2002.

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