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Tuesday, December 19, 2006



Cigarette Litter - An unseen environmental danger

I would like to draw attention to a problem which is largely forgotten.

Visit www.buttless.org for more information on how to sponsor a local or regional campaign today. Buttless products are the number 1 choice for governments and Businesses around the world.

Government and environmental agencies worldwide are spending millions of tax dollars tackling a problem that until recently has been largely unnoticed.

Cigarette litter has impacted on our environment to such an extent that it has become a focal point for top level governmental discussions worldwide.

Visual aids used to educate smokers about the harmful effects of their carelessness are easy enough, but proving to be ineffective. Innocently perhaps, smokers are generally unaware of the damage their littering causes the environmet.

Many Government and business organisations in Australia, USA, United Kingdom and further afield have put their corporate name and branding to support local and national anti-cigarette litter campaigns using ButtLess Personal Ashtrays.

Worldwide indoor smoking bans, whilst valid and necessary have had the counter effect of forcing millions of smokers to smoke outside. With this comes unsightly, unpleasant and unhealthy littering, as the butts will generally be cast off wherever they have finished their cigarette.

The Number one choice for city officials around the world the ButtLess Personal Ashtray has a depressed button designed to ensure it can never be opened accidentally and is finished in a range of attractive colours making them practical, attractive and safe to use. It is these features plus the excellent advertising and promotion space on the unit that has seen customers keep returning and working together with us to help improve their local environment.

UK Tel: +44 (0) 208 133 9336
Email: [email protected]
USA Tel: +1 954 415 5345
Fax: +44 (0) 700 596 1336

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i really hate when i felt like walking with my son and we have to see the city all dirty and full of those butt litters!

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The city is supposed to install new downtown garbage bins with built-in ashtrays, but there are already questions about how close even they can be to doorways and windows, MacKinnon said.

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I don't think so its encouraging smoking in fact its a great way to stay away from smoking at least for some time.

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