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Tuesday, October 23, 2007



I think Anti nocotine might be very useful to quit smoking. Many people are trying to different measures including Swedish snus to quit smoking cigarette but 50-70% are failing.

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Don't mess with introducing any more chemicals into the body. Smoking introduces nicotine that upsets the acid-alkali balance, by interfering with the body's natural ability to balance itself. When the smoker learns that he has interfered with the balance by smoking, he can accept that ceasing to smoke for a brief period 7 - 14 days will put him back on track to re-establishing his natural balance. You crave alkaline because you gave your body nicotine after eating and other acid-producing events. When you deny your body for a brief period, it will restore its own balance. Don't introduce another chemical into the equation because your commercial interests are looking for another reason to make a buck on someone's grief.

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Yes I totally agree with the last poster, I too believe that the only real way to give up smoking is just to drop it cold turkey, I took my last pack of cigarettes and threw them in the trash 1 week and two days ago and yes it is very hard at first, but it keeps getting easier every day and as long as you have someone to support you, you'll be fine. DROP THEM COLD TURKEY!

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great post about Philipp Müller about Nicotine Vaccines this topic is very interesting

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Philip Morris should come out with an enema.

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He looks like a guilty man, guilty of sin and other things guilty people are guilty for.

Your girl Mary :)


The thought of nicotine vaccines is interesting, but at the same time doesn't sound completely safe. Then again, almost anytime the word "vaccine" is said, I cringe.

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Hopefully he can figure out something that works a bit better than what the NRT industry offers us!

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Fra artikkelen din, kan jeg få mye meningsfylt kunnskap og nyttig informasjon, er dette artikkelen jeg noensinne har sett en av de mest spennende. Takk for at du deler.

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Bhí sé airteagal an-mhaith. Lig an léitheoir a chonaic mé ar bís an-, tá sé indíreach in iúl ár ghlúin nua de spiorad dhaoine óga, chomh maith machnamh a dhéanamh ar ár domhain connotation. Is maith liom an t-alt, agus dearcadh scríobh an t-údar mar gheall ar an-macánta, teicníc scríobh freisin an-chliste.

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