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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


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i don't mean how many people have ill mental health currently, i mean, i an entire lifetime, what %age will suffer from some form of ill health at some point.

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i think sinead jones know everything about health!!!

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Respiratory deseases have been increasing as air pollution does!!

Every day pollution, cigarrettes and many other treats are present in or daylife... numbers of people acfected by these are increasing... and still Conferences like this one .. don't get the attention they should

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This is always a good subject to talk about because the pollution is what i been causing all this deseases we should all strive to have better enviroments for our children to come.

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I would be flattened if all websites gave articles like that.

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Saya benar-benar kagum dengan kemahiran menulis anda dan juga dengan susun atur di blog anda. Adakah ini tema yang dibayar atau adakah anda mengubah suai sendiri? Bagaimanapun bersaing penulisan kualiti bagus, ia adalah jarang untuk melihat blog yang hebat seperti ini pada masa kini ..

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Opplysningene i dette innlegget er svært relevant for det jeg leter etter, takk så mye for å dele denne.

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Nice to be here and see your post~!

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Eu só gosto da valiosa informação que você fornecer em seus artigos. Vou marcar o seu blog e verifique novamente aqui com freqüência. Estou moderadamente certeza que vou ser informado muitas coisas novas aqui! Boa sorte para o seguinte!

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