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Saturday, September 06, 2008



Wow, look at that, Sweden is number five. Good score!

And they use more snus than anyone else in Europe... and they have the lowest lung cancer rate... and almost have the lowest ORAL cancer rate, despite using oral tobacco... huh, maybe all that stuff about oral tobacco being a serious risk factor for oral cancer was BS? Or maybe snus, at least, is a very safe oral tobacco product?

Anti-tobacco is garbage. Anti-cigarette is at least sensible.

Adults in the world will never give up nicotine, particularly since it's a very safe drug when separated from the products of tobacco combustion.

It's time that organizations like this begin to promote safe tobacco products (i.e. almost all smokeless products used worldwide, with an emphasis on snus and snus-like products) in addition to promoting abstinence from smoked tobacco products.

Any other policy is causing needless death.

The American health officials who refused to admit that snus is EXTREMELY safe, compared to cigarettes (let alone that there is no statistically significant evidence it has any relationship with cancer, hence the EU taking the cancer warning OFF in 2002!!!!!) truly have blood on their hands.

I hope your group gets its act together and fights the good fight.

It's unbelievable that there are tobacco activists who want to "shield" the public from simple, incontrovertible FACTS about snus and smokeless tobacco in general!

The truth is a good thing. Some of your articles belie this principle. I hope you can remedy this before you cause any more damage.


For years, we have been taxed again and again, frowned at, made to feel guilty, forced to smoke a variety of unsavory chemicals, pushed to back rooms and even out into the cold.

This is the time to Speak Out.

This is the place to Speak Out.

We have rights.

Until tobacco use is outlawed in America, we have the right to choose our products. The right to craft our own cigarettes.

Stay tuned and SUBSCRIBE to this BLOG to join forces with other smokers who understand.



Anticipate people's needs and if at all possible, don't have people waiting in lines.


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