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You can contact David McCallister by email:
[email protected]

Good morning,
This is David McCallister with Elemental Solutions.

We are almost through the Federal Gov't review process (taking SO long...for using our product to create a biodegradable, non-toxic clear membrane barrier on the beaches to stop the migration into the sand of oil contamination from the Gulf oil spill.

We now have a Use Patent to allow us to utilize our products on all areas in the U.S. to contain all hazardous material spills/leaks from ground contamination and for detention ponds to store materials gathered for safe retrieval.

In addition, we are working in the Bahamas on a $1.4 billion resort project to contain serious beach and site erosion and dust control problems.

We are also in discussions with a major oil facility expansion project to protect against leaks contaminating the soils during the construction process.

Elemental Solutions provides environmental services such as preparing Environmental Impact Assessments, inserting Reef Balls in the surf areas to contain unchecked beach erosion, environmental monitoring of construction sites and replacing mangrove vegetation destruction in sensitive areas throughout the Caribbean.

We welcome any and all support in any way that will help us repair and restore our environment. If you know of areas or companies that could benefit from our services, don't hesitate to contact us. We want to make a difference, NOW.
Kind Regards,

How do I get in contact with Mr. McCallister would like to find out more information.

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