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I'm not naive or wet behind the ears, I'm a nelary 50 year old British ex-pat and I remember when I was proud of British Petroleum .Now I see that the brilliant and eloquent gentleman-managers are definitely a thing of the past.What a golden opportunity Hayward missed by not coming out strong and good in the wake of a disaster that had already claimed 11 lives.He should have said Whilst we are aware that the systems and men and material used was Transocean we accept overall responsibility for the problem and WILL find a solution,whatever it costs to restore normality here. Ok the board might have had a fit, he could have been sacked (although I think reinstated or head-hunted pdq for having the balls to take a stance.)So BP shares would drop initially Big deal look what they've done now with this weak man's ill-thought statement. If BP showed the moral fibre to face the consequences everybody would be looking to BP to set and keep the standards of future oil/gas exploration now they're an also-ran' guiolty of corporate fiscal protectionism avarice in my book .get your cheque books out BP don't mess about get it sorted and show the world the good that you are capable of.When this cools down politicians of the world will ask who are the leaders BP..step up to the plate. Do it or your shares will not recover and some of my pension is linked with your performance so I have a personal reason for wanting you to behave properly. And I want a safe/clean working/living area for everyone and no damage to wildlife. BP you can show some technical skills now show management skills. Please.

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