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November 23, 2005



Hey Kim:Can't comment on HuffPo, still haven't rteisgered yet (yes, you can yell at me in Chicago).Love the piece, it's dead on. Right now I am cycling between sadness, as I'll miss my boys terribly, and excitement, as, just like you, I don't get 'out' much.Salamander handled things OK this morning (trying to be the 'brave one'.. I'm sure school will get to deal with some anxiety etc issues), Potatey was a mess.Glad to hear you can go to June 4th. Still working on that one myself, but it doesn't look good.OK, off I go to make one more batch of almond flour waffles, cross check my supplement schedule one more time and, yes, then I'll finally start packing..See ya later today/ tomorrow/ sometime during the next few days.

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hebdopod: Pod#2: Femmes enceintes et tabagisme
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