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November 01, 2006


Innocent Kasamunyu

Jackie, Today I have visited ur blog. Its really great. Keep it up.

Iam working in an AIDS research organisation in Mbarara.
Always eager to keep in touch with u and yo brilliant ideas.
What a wonderful Snap!
Succeed We MUST.

Innocent Akampurira
BSC Computer Science(Hons)

Ssemakula Erick

Thanx for this wonder idea of trying to fight this deadly killer.
I work in East Timor where public smoking is un regulated and it is part of the culture but as a Community Policing Officer with assistance from UNICEF we are sensitising the school children to stop this deadly habit. as Iam giving a lecture about anti smoking I sight the headmaster seated next to me lighting his malboro stick of cigarrette. I continue with my lecture but disappointend.
I wish timoreese would get just one Jackie

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