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January 25, 2007



get the psp slim because it is Dimensions and wgihet:19% slimmer and 33% lighter system than the original PSP system.Hardware improvements. The PSP Slim Lite offers several other tweaks and improvements from the older generation.To target the original PSP generation's poor load times for UMD games.o make the PSP slimmer, the capacity of the battery was reduced by 1/3. Due to more efficient power usage.External appearance, inputs and outputs The PSP Slim Lite has a new gloss finish. The serial port was also modified in order to accommodate a new video-out feature.A new simpler and more compact UMD loading tray design was developed.Its analog stick was also redesigned to be more flexible and is not removable without opening the PSP.The archaic infra-red port was also removed because it offered no use to the original PSP generation Sony has added a TV output for the PSP Slim available through Firmware 3.60. The PSP can output in a conventional aspect ratio (4:3), and wide screen (16:9). It also offers a screen saver if the PSP is inactive for a set amount of time. It is able to output games, videos, and other media. To achieve TV output on the Slim model,Sony has released a new version of the remote control accessory designed for the Slim so thats why the psp slim is better then the fat one get the psp slim and pick me has best answer.


and did you know that up until christmas when he got his first lpatop he did everything via his psp, all the uploading he told me it took him hours, now you'll probably notice he adds more now he can uload quicker.

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