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February 27, 2009



Super, Awesome! Harah and hurray!That means I can get sratted with more than noodlings and napkin doodlings and get sratted with the actual layout and programming of the game.I was hoping to use it as a portfolio piece after the class to show to the guys at BioWare, but the minute I drop it on a CD to show them I'd loose control of what they did with the module .. unless there is some legalease waver that I could get them to sign promising to not copy and not to try make money of it ... hmm .. maybe it would be better to talk to your agent about how many and who I could show it to.I totally promise not to sell copies and not to load it on the net for anyone and thier dog to download.The only people I'd want to show it to would be the professor, teaching assitants, student evaluators, and play testers (read geeky friends) and ... IF you'll let me ... potential employers .. with a caveat that they'd have to come back to *your* agent if they want to expand on or sell copies? That would be the bit that would need hashing out with your agent. .. yes?

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