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October 12, 2009



Hello Ron I don't think ambitious is neasrecsily bad. This is really a positioning piece indicating that there is a broader landscape of opportunities & associated techniques beyond deliberation .Now I agree that a one size fits all approach does not work for different kinds of political issues. But I don't think we're proposing that. As you note organisational stakeholder contention has quite different dynamics and outputs than public policy determination but we wouldn't propose the same process for both. The question I would put to you is: What commonalities do those situations have? What similar patterns of behaviour occur in both (possibly expressed in differen ways)?And we're definitely dealing with politics here. While technology adaption/adoption is often a complex issue, it's not our focus here. There's a solid tradition of looking at policy issues as wicked problems so I don't feel uncomfortable using that term.I don't mind using vaguely socialist language either I think it's going to come back in this next decade (after all, we had drainpipe trousers in the decade just gone, anything is possible).I think the really important thing that we DON'T tackle enough is conflict. It's kinda there in the background but I think we shy away from it to a certain extent.

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