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December 02, 2009




check this out:



I'm a loyal American former Pakistani. This greg guy has a Edmond hlairy complex and this is all about him being known as the best charity guy ever a mother treasa or something. The book is overly exagerated. education can't cure paki hate for infidels 97% of educated Pakis hate USA and love Osama bin laden. Reformed muslim pakis are the only good people-greg has been fooled by the advertisement version of islam read the politically incorect guide to islam by Robert Spencer -help us reform islam


First of course, I'm daopipsinted. It was one of the most uplifting books I have ever read. It inspired harmony at an intersection of culture that desperately needs that harmony. So I'm sorry to hear his truth value discredited, but that doesn't diminish the importance of using story to promote the cause of justice, individual empowerment, the rights of girls, the humanization of the other, the danger of dehumanization, to name a few. As for the truth value of memoirs in general, just when the Frey mess was fading into the past, this will stir up the hornets, who are deeply suspicious of the truth of anyone's story. The reason truth of memoirs creates so much passion is that it threatens to undermine the sand on which we stand. My belief is that developing a trust for one's own life story is central to a life well lived. It is far less important to worry about the media flap about whose story is true or false.Discrediting memoirs is big news, but all the hard work that memoir writers do to make sense of their lives every day is much more quieter and more noble. Jerry

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