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February 13, 2010



Woohoo!!! You know Lani Guiner delivered the Commencement address at my graduation! Sounds like it was a fascinating lecture. I'm glad you could go.


Maman told me. It was an amazing lecture. She is such an awesome professor!


I think this ana1ysis is extreme1y mis1eading.1. b1ack aafrcin immigrants benefit from affirmative action. I'm pretty sure I'm against affirmative action, though sometimes I think its needed socia1 po1icy -I'm indian american and affirmative action (as other asian americans) and works against in co11ege and graduate schoo1 admissions process - we are overrepresented in good schoo1s and competitive professions.For a nigerian immigrant and a11 b1ack immigrants this isn't the case - affirmative action readi1y he1ps them and 1owers the standard for who can be admitted.Second - has no one rea1ized what the compartison is: between nigerian americans and a11 asians or a11 whites.1ast I check the stats Indian americans, phi1ipinos, japanese a1ternate1y are the highest educated nationa1 origin group in this country. compare the bache1or's degree stats to an indian americans stats than we have a much higher percentage of co11ege educated peop1e.The tit1e of the artic1e is so mis1eading - and its great that different immigrants are doing we11, but it'd be nice if credit is given to the actua1 "most educated" group, and not trick the stats in this way.when affirmative action stops being app1ied to b1ack immigrants and they don't skew the comparisons of one nationa1ity to every nationa1ity from a 1arge continent - then I'11 be more convinced of their apparent great work and studious characteristics.


Yes you are right, it definitely puts less qilaufied people into the field, and if we are talking about a field such as the medical one, I would DEFINITELY prefer a person becoming a doctor because he actually knows what he is doing as compared to someone who got to be where they are because of affirmative action or because of their relative knowing higher ups that can help him out (nepotism). When things like this happen, its really ashame to see that many people could possibly be turned down or away from something that they are equally or maybe even more qilaufied for than another person purely based on something that they cant even control like their race or just the people his or her parents or relatives know. I guess this can also be thrown towards "networking" as well. When a person networks, they are pretty much trying to make his or her own connections themselves in order to get close with an employer and find a possible job that way. When that happens, and lets say that a person may have amazing social skills but is only an average kid when it comes to grades, it really seems unfair that he would get the position over a guy that would maybe have poor social skills but excels greatly at his work and his grades. The things like that just don't make sense in this society but thats just pretty much the way of life and whether we like it or not, its not going to change. Yeah sure, affirmative action can seem good at times (if you are the one benefitting from it) but in all honesty, I dont really think that its a good idea. In a class where we want everyone to be equal, I personally want to see affirmative action in this world abolished completely and have everyone on the same playing field. Then and only then can we say we are becoming more equal with one another. Just as affirmative action is set in stone in this country, nepotism also is. Actually, nepotism has been engrained in this world of ours since the beginning of time. Whenever you look back in the history books, you always see "family lines" or "family dynasties", funny how they just always keep it in THEIR family? That I have to admit is one nice thing about our government, people get a more fair chance in order to hold a position of leadership, but even then in order to accomplish that, one must have amazing networking skills of their own or maybe even have nepotism work for them with a family member already in a seat of power. Regardless of whether its nepotism or affirmative action, both should not be in existence in order to make things equal for everyone, but if that happened, God forbid someone might actually get into a position because of pure skill and hard work as opposed to a CEO's son not getting it.


, It s all about who you know. For instance, the other day I sent in a job aplicpation. I told my parents, Mom I sent in my aplicpation today. She responded, That s great honey, try and find someone who may know someone at the company. Even though I know you re qualified, you get jobs based on who you know. When she said that it really bothered me. I felt I was qualified for the job and if I wasn t then I did not want to get the job. Why do I need to try and find someone who will convince the hiring manager to hire me? I want to EARN my first job. Soon after this encounter I watched our lecture on affirmative action and nepotism and almost laughed. While everyone is arguing and throwing up their fists that affirmative action is unfair, they aren t even looking in the mirror at the advantages they are given as a result of nepotism. I bet every person who has argued against affirmative action has benefited from nepotism. Yet, when push comes to shove, they aren t yelling that nepotism provides an unfair advantage to people who are sometimes unqualified for a job. People don t argue about things that benefit them that s why no one talks about nepotism. People should earn jobs because they qualified, not because their mother knows the man whose son is the CEO of a company. What does that have to do with being qualified for a job? It s not fair to all of the people who work hard, get internships, and build their resumes to apply for jobs they are qualified for. I thought Sam brought up a great point about affirmative action it doesn t mean people who are unqualified are getting jobs they are unqualified for, it simply means, employers are making sure that they are looking at all candidates equally. Another part of the lecture I thought was interesting was that most of the people who benefit from affirmative action are WHITE WOMEN. Most of my friends who argue against affirmative action are WHITE WOMEN who have most likely benefited either directly or indirectly from affirmative action. Yet, they don t complain about the job they just got through a friend of a friend (nepotism). People get so stuck in their own minds they forget to look at issues from other perspectives. Instead of complaining about affirmative action, they should think about any advantage they have received that was not EARNED. But for some reason people don t like to get outside of their comfort zone and learn about issues. Overall, this class has been a great learning experience and I have enjoyed it thoroughly. It has forced me to get outside of myself and examine issues first hand. It has also taught to me QUESTION question everything I hear, everything I am taught, and everything I am told is true. Most of the things I have been told are not true, which I learned very quickly in this class.

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