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bob quinn

Just saw you on cnbc. You actually said producing more oil will not affect the price of a barrel of oil. That comment can be kindly described as Rubbish! Did you repeal the law of supply and demand? When will environmental lunatics, who are the cause of the current oil crisis, stop their intellectually dishonest arguments. Admit it! It is just that You think Oil is DIRTY! Nasty! Bad!
And the absurdity and lunacy of your position is that while you want to save America's oil for centuries to exhibit in a museum , Brazil , Mexico, China, Russia and the other great unwashed nations rush to drill for oil and pollute and spill and dirty up the world with all that nasty stuff. The time is near for the pseudo intellectuals suffering from enviro-psychosis to be confined to an appropriate place in order to receive the proper drug dosage and counseling.
BTW. Coal is dirty, nastier than oil. We have have plenty. Yep, we have enough to last us at least a couple of centuries. Let's dig up mother earth and burn all that coal and turn it into gas, diesel and jet fuel. Here's to .99cent gas again. Wonderful! And,,, you and Al g can continue to bike everywhere , live in a cave , and eat raw food. Yummy! Oh! But you can't bike! Bike tires are a petroleum product. Nasty stuff. lol
" natural rubber is also rising sharply, along with that of many other commodities"
Great job!

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