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tony gheno

Want to stop all grazing in the Stanislaus National Forest?

Toulumne County is a closed range, which means livestock are not allowed to "run at large" and is the ranchers responsible to keep cattle off private property. Yet for the last 11 years I have had untended cows from the USFS range permittee, trespassed for the most the season causing damage to my personal property, meadow restoration and frog habitat. No cowboys were apparent at anytime while I was on site

I still report to the USFS and Sheriffs Dept. as I have at numerous other times even thought the forestry dept. refuses to help anyone but the cattle people. I made extensive remarks in the last year's public comment report on grazing and they were dismissed as not important to range management. In brief, grazing practice are the same now as 100 years ago where open range was the mode.

The closed range law makes it the ranchers responsibility to fence private property to keep the cattle off.

The ranchers could not afford to fence everyone's property and will be forced to stop the grazing and destruction of our nation forest.

It's a very economical and easy way to stop the grazing once and for all. I appreciate any and all help!

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I have untended cattle of variety permittee, trespassed for the most the period producing harm to my individual property or home, field repair and frog type environment.

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I created comprehensive reviews in the last seasons community thoughts review on grazing and they were ignored as not essential to variety control. In brief, grazing exercise are the same now as 100 decades ago where start variety was the method.

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