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By far, a pure Yankees fan has had the most happiness the past Men's Jared Allen Limited White Jersey 25 years in NYC. This is followed by the YankeesGiants fans not interested in basketball or hockey. Throw in the Devils hockey fans with that combination and you are just as happy. The best fourteam combo, unsurprisingly, is the top four successful teams, the Yankees, Giants, Knicks, and Devils. My combination of the YGKR is ranked 13th in happiness. If I had been an Islanders fan and not Men's Drew Brees Elite Black Jersey a Knicks+Rangers fan, I would just been as happy. At first glance, this might not make sense since the Islanders success percentage is much lower than the Knicks or Rangers, but Men's Chris Johnson Elite Light Blue Team Color Jersey because I would not be invested in a fourth sport and team (hockey), the success of the Yankees and Giants keep me very happy even with the Men's Maurice Jones-Drew Game Grey Shadow Jersey Islanders lack of success. The Knicks and Rangers haven had enough success to override that extra sport disadvantage. Their city rivals (Yankees and Giants) success coupled with the fact that you can be a MetsYankees or a JetsGiants fan (those that are should be forced to move to a oneteam city) give their fans plenty to be sad about. If you are solely a Jets fan, you have it worst; being only happy 4.7% of the time the past 25 years. And for Joe and Evan of WFAN, well, you two have the second worst team combo.WIN YRS years above .500, DIV WIN years team won division, PLY YRS years team made playoffs, PLY RECORD playoff record, PLY RNDS RECORD how many playoff rounds team won and lost, CONF CHMP conference champions, CHAMP championshipsBefore giving the results of a lot of the possible combinations, let highlight the very popular baseballfootball fans:However, the success points by themselves don mean much because we can compare teams across sports. We need to calculate the total possible Women's Jason Witten Game Pink Jersey points for each team and each sport. In our six points categories, the Women's Drew Brees Limited Pink Jersey maximum is 25 (example: 25 possible playoff seasons) except the possible playoff rounds won. The only sport in which playoff rounds won is dependent on the team is football, where there is the extra wild card round. If the team was involved in a wildcard game, then that another possible playoff round to be won. In nonplayoff seasons, total possible playoff rounds is 3, discounting the wildcard round. From the total possible points each team could have accrued in the past 25 years, we can calculate a success percentage for each team.Now that we have a success percentage associated with each team, the fun part begins. We want to find the team combinations that give fans the most happiness. However, to be realistic, we realize that many fans are not hardcore or even big fans of all four sports. I know a lot of fans that are only Women's Ray Lewis Limited Black Jersey into baseball and football, but not Men's Calvin Johnson Game Camo Jersey the other two. Or they are fans of other cities and teams (traitors) for some of the sports. To allow for combinations that don include all four teams, we will simply take the Men's Andrew Luck Elite Black Jersey average success percentage of the teams involved.The success percentage of the NYC sports teams in the past 25 years, from best to worst:I was listening to Benigno and Roberts on WFAN on my 3 hour drive from New Jersey to Connecticut on Saturday afternoon. Joe and Evan, both Mets and Jets fans, were ranting with other MetsJets fans how that combination of sports teams to be fans of in New York City was probably the worst. Especially with the current Jets collapse after starting out 83 and the Mets two consecutive late season collapses, the heartbreaking Men's Patrick Willis Limited Black Jersey is at an alltime high. Well, as a Giants and Yankees fan, it been the complete opposite for me. The Yankees made the playoffs 13 years in a row (and winning four championships), while the Giants just came off a stellar Super Bowl dream season, not to mention the 2000 run and this year 124 season. This led me to do a quick analysis of the different combination of teams Youth Rob Gronkowski Elite White Jersey of the four major sports that fans can follow in NYC, and which ones have the best happiness and least happiness. First, I will quickly review each team success the past 25 years (I chose 25 because I first became a sports fan of a NY team in 1984 with the Yankees, and it a nice round number for recent success). Then I will rank the combinations in order of success.championships Silent ArchimedesSuccess will be defined as follows:Wow! If you are a YankeesGiants fan you have been threetimes happier than MetsJets fans the past 25 years. The funny thing is that if you are a YankeesJets fan or a MetsGiants fan, the Jets Youth Darren McFadden Elite White Jersey and Mets pull down your overall fan happiness. Being a Jets fan pulls your Yankees fan happiness down by 41%, and being a Mets fan pulls your Giants fan happiness down by 23%. Or Men's Peyton Manning Elite Black Jersey to be an optimist, the Yankees and Giants pull up the happiness of Jets and Mets fans. There are too many total possible combinations to list, from 1team fans up to 4team fans, so I will make some assumptions in order to remove unpopular combinations. I will assume that multisport fans have to be at least a baseball AND a football fan. That means we will only allow combinations in which each must contain a baseball and a football team.Points explanation: To be clear, the team accrues Women's DeSean Jackson Elite White Jersey points every time one of the accomplishments occur. For example, if the Giants win the Super Bowl this year, they would get points for every single accomplishment, not just the 20 points for winning the championship. That means a championship year for a football division winner would net the team 2+3+3+5(3)+15+20 = 58 points! That also means not all four sports championships are Jacob Tamme Jersey created equal, but they are pretty close, The reason for Men's Aldon Smith Limited White Jersey this is because the excitement and Womens Wes Welker Jersey level of accomplishment increases up to the championship game. Usually when a team wins a championship, the fans are relatively satisfied for the next few seasons. A divisionwinning playoff season coupled with a loss in the first playoff round would net the team 2+3+3 = 8 points. In essence, a championship is loosely equal to seven playoff seasons. Ties in football and the old ties in hockey are counted as nongames when calculating winning percentages.So, here are the results of the nine New York City metro area sports teams and their successes the past 25 finished seasons. I will update this when the football, basketball and hockey seasons are finished with their 2008 seasons. That means I do not include the Giants accomplishments or the Jets collapse for Youth Ray Lewis Game Black Jersey this season in my analysis.The ordering stayed the same when we used success points except the Mets jumped ahead of the Nets because there are less total points in baseball than basketball (mostly due to playoff rounds). The Yankees effectively led all categories except the number of playoff seasons and playoff rounds won. However, unlike the other three sports, baseball is the hardest to get into the playoffs, even after Men's Torrey Smith Elite Black Jersey the wild cards were introduced in 1995. The futility of the bottom four teams coincidentally have a team in each sport. That means a fan of the Mets, Nets, Islanders and Jets have been wallowing in the most misery for the past 25 years. The top four teams are also one in each sport. A fan of the Yankees, Devils, Giants and Knicks would be the happiest fourteam fan in the area.It not surprising the Yankees have had the most success the past 25 years. The Devils championship success in the 1990s make them a close second. Although the Mets had 16 winning seasons, they only made the playoffs five of those years because their records were probably closer to .500 than .600. The Jets by far are the worst team. They are the only ones to not even have a conference championship. Conference championships are a major key to a fan happiness. All fans hope for is their team to make it to the final round to the World Series, Super Bowl, or Championship.Anyways, hope you enjoyed this little exercise. If you have Men's Darren McFadden Limited Black Team Color Jersey any comments or suggestions, please leave a comment below (You will be anonymous). Or leave a comment on what team combo you are. Sorry I couldn put all the possible combinations on a chart. There are too many to list. And frankly, how many NetsRangers fans are there (without being fans of baseball and football)?

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