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Ex Smoker

I had nearly half of my tongue removed, 23 lymph nodes taken out of my neck, and a tracheotomy?????

Had to relearn how to speak and can speak better then a lot of people. 23 lymph nodes taken out of her neck and a tracheotomy but no scars?

Submit a letter from her doctor? Her doctor or a doctor that supports a smoking ban?

Let's tell some truth people. Get a life. I used to smoke but I quit but I don't support a stupid ban.


How the hell can you get Type 3 tongue and throat cancer from just second hand smoke? My mother lived with my father for 30 years and he smoked inside all the time.. He died a couple years ago and she remains healthy. Same with my grandmother and grandfather. This lady is a big fat liar used by the anti-smoking Nazis to kill the economy here in Illinois so some citizens remain dependant on the government

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