Campaign for graphic warnings

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Well, if you're doing it for your family, that's great. Do it for yolrseuf, too. 10 days is a very long time. What is it that made you go back? Figuring that one out will help alot.Make your home and car smoke free. One smoker I know cut down drastically this way. Trying the gum, or the patch might work, and there are prescribed pills you can take, too.Or you could focus on all the money the tobacco owners get from you (and no, you will NEVER catch them smoking!). And think of all the money you will save yolrseuf in medical bills down the road. Smoking not only causes disease, but complicates other diseases as well.1000 milligrams of timed release vitamin C will definitely help. So will a 100mg vitamin B and 200mg of vitamin E.Do it for your own health. You will be much more comfortable in your old age. Once you quit, your body works on repairing the damage caused by smoking.It's sooooo much better than doing it when you have no other choice but to quit because you can't move from your hospital bed .

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