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Matthew Stasko

Hey have you guys heard of They sell electronic cigarettes. If you dont know what an electronic cigarette is you need to know. Check out their website for more information. Basicly it is a new product to help smokers replcae real cigarettes and still feel like they are smoking. It's only water vapor and nicotine. Great news for smokers and non-smokers because there is no tar, no carbon monoxide, no second hand smoke and non of the 3,000 harmful chemicals that are found by the burning of a real cigarette, plus there is no nasty smell!


Well I'm 23 and i started sonkimg When I was 13. So i recently quit as of July 23rd. Cold turkey.. I was sonkimg up to a pack a day. I tried quitting 3 times before but failed. I had to stay away from my smoker friends and places i use to enjoy sonkimg ( bar/casion) for a week and a half. But what helped me the most were sunflower seeds. ( and before i quit i didnt enjoy chewing on seed much) But it became my habbit for about a month after i quit. It was neat though instead of buying a pack of ciggs for 4.00 i would buy a pack of seeds for a dollar. Well i hope this helps you.. GOOD LUCK..


@wess2583 Actually, test after test is showing that all the same toinxs are still there in eletronic cigarettes. You are being lied to and exploited. And, you are still addicted to nicotine, which was the original problem. The only thing that has really changed is that you feel better about it, which makes your situation worse, not better, because it is the illusion of a solution. Change is not gradual, it is NOW. Peace and health to you. You can quit too, I promise!

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Thanks, as always, for sharing your thoughts and talents.

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good post! collects images related to quitting :)

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