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October 16, 2007


Audu Ochogwu

Tobacco is consumed in various forms, ranging from cigarettes, cigars, pipes, snuff and simply rolling up the shreds of dry leaves in papers and puffing them
Tobacco consumption in any form is harzardous to the health of everyone from womb to grave, putting enormous burden on health services. It impoverishes consumers and their families and the entire nation. Pack in tobacco

Philip Jakpor

I want to state here that though Tobacco and You is a mass enlightenment programme, it is blazing the trail among several initiatives to confront the wicked tobacco multinationals.Thumbs up Betty!

Audu Ochogwu

Congratulations Betty for the Laurels you have won and more are yet to come.
We, your well wishers are so proud of what you are doing.
You are not confronting anyone or multinationals, but a lifestyle that put millions of people at risk of serious health conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, asthma and cause enviromental pollution should be discouraged by all. "Tobacco and you" is the best radio program to be aired in recent time in Nigeria

Mubla Nak

A co-worker here at the Orange County, Ca. Public Health Dept forwarded this link to me. After listening to you on-line regarding the hazardous effects of tobacco aka "cancer stinks" in NIgeria, I couldnt hesitate but to extend my support and profound gratitude to you.
Hey, since my expertice is in communicable diseases and tobacco cessation feel free to holla at me.


victor emeruwa

This is a great initiative. who is the genius that initiated this project? I believe this can be replicated in other African countries. Thump up for a great job!

Louis Ebodaghe


Congratulations on a wonderful and profound program, that creates public awareness about the health hazards of smoking and second-hand smoke. This will go a long way in preventing and reducing the number smoking related illnesses and deaths.

Best wishes!

Louis Ebodaghe
Atlanta, Georgia

Judith Abraham

Betty dearie, i had always known that you will soar very high in life. I remember how we use to all gather for NACWOJ meetings at UNICAL. God rewards faithfulness, so keep it up. The reward for good work is more work so prepare for more tasks ahead. Bravo

Abah James

hey Betty, you're doing a great job out there...BRAVO! But I want you to extend your good works back at home. Thanks

Iduh John

Hey Betty, you are doing a great and wonderfuljob for the populace. Keep it up. But I want you to extend your good works back at home. Remeber us when thy kingdom come.


Betty, what a wonderful work! Alas, may God crown your furhter effort with success. I love to see more of this beautiful work.

Cialis Online

good done Betty! all your history is totally impressive, I mean all the things that you are did it, and how you don't stop with that, you keep going and going.

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