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July 01, 2008


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Sonja Vanhove-Deneve, Smoking Cessation Counselor Belgium

Making progress in tobacco control in the European Union: Tapani Piha

My question:
Whilst diseases are being investigated in order to minimize their impact and eventually do away with them, pharmaceutical products are being developed and prescribed in order to cure/alleviate such diseases.
Nowadays, smoking cessation is being increasingly approached through pharmaceutical products. An epidemic (smoking) is thus maintained (because of its profitability to governments?) while providing pharmaceutical products - in some cases (partly) refunded by governments - thereby creating a medically "caring" environment.
Isn't this a perverse perpetuum mobile attitude rather than progress?

Miss Nancy P. Hachen

About WHO's top priority: What is it level of active smokers adults and teenagers?

Miss Nancy P. Hachen

Regarding the dependence of snuff and smoking cessation: International lessons learned from campaigns quitting ... what are the lessons??

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