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April 02, 2008


Aaron Campbell

I think you mean "Community Energy Solutions" rather than "Bainbridge Island Energy Solutions" but I could be wrong. The link, in any case, is not valid.

--Aaron Campbell

Jace Low

I agree, news about other cuntries starting to make that change into is really frustrating. But at the same time I feel relieved. At least they're starting to let other countries see what this technology can do.


Brisbane solar

One of the most immediate concerns with a solar panel is how to get the most energy from the lowest amount of area. A solar panel is expensive, and takes up space, so it has to be both economical economically and from a impact viewpoint, to make it worth setting up them rather than getting electricity off of a lines. Customer solar power sections currently operate at about 5% to 18% performance, and this number has more than doubled in the past several years. There is a solid industry built around producing modern solar power sections that can process even more natural light, and it seems likely that affordable consumer solar power sections ingesting 20% to 30% will be available before too long.


Maybe not what you think .You know those cheap flashlights that use super brhigt leds, well those are mounted on a board in an array, and all you have to do is take the thing apart and then wire it that way. You can use those diffusers from a plastic company or something similar from Harbor Freight Tools It is amazing what you can do with those LEDS now. I work for an LED company, so if you need some tips just hit me up.Nice vid

solar panels cost

I agree with you..thanks for sharing

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