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February 08, 2011


Solar panels maryland

Solar panels can easily become the most important energy source of the future. The energy and heat from the sun is free and once solar panels or solar thermal collectors are set up you does not need to invest any extra cost in it. Moreover It is environmentally friendly and provides clean and renewable energy and does not pollute enviourment.

Renetta Aper

I've checked the link and the content is inactive. =( My excitement to see solar panels on the roof dropped. Anyways, it's a good thing you're using solar panels. Those are very eco-friendly and cost-efficient!

philippe boucher

Here is a link that works

Eugene Head

I think the link is not working anymore. I also can't access it, and I tried many times. I hope you can post another link for us to see what a school with solar roofs looks like. :)

philippe boucher

Here is an article with a picture.
For more Google Poulsbo School Solar Panels and look for images.
The previous link works and gives you the tehcnical details about the installation

solar panels cost

Thanks for sharing,,you can also see this useful information about home solar panels cost http://solarpanelscost1.com/home-solar-panels-cost

Tytti Risku

Good to here this one,solar panel now a days is really a great source of electricity,in fact in Finland country most of the electricity price of people reduces because of some solar panels and they are really on earth using this solar panels.

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