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July 16, 2007



Right idea, though wrong way of implementation, for a country like India, even though its been done using the defence that a large cross section of the smoking public in India is illiterate.
The truth of the matter is that a large section, be it literate/illterate/educated or otherwise smoke not by buying packs of cigarttes, but buying them loosely from panwaalahs/cigarette vendors.
How would the message get across to individual smokers that prefer not to buy whole packs of cigarettes?
The respective Govts. need to enforce laws where selling of cigarettes loosely would be illegal, or rather buying only packed cigarettes would be the option available to people, but that would not serve the purpose in a country like India where prices of cigarettes when buying as complete pack becomes prohibitive, and thus would work against tobacco companies, which have a powerful lobby working for them, and would refuse to take any hit in margins due to a prohibitive policy of this nature.
Selling cigarettes loose from packs is something that works only in some third world countries, due to the lack of buying power of smokers and power of cartels working away at making cheap, counterfeit, and spurious cigarette sticks and selling them as renowned brands, thus making a fast buck in the process.
A reality check for all policy makers wanting to effect policy changes for the betterment of society.

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