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August 29, 2007


Roderick Lawrie

While Toque Tobacco Ltd totally supports the government’s efforts to stop people smoking. Toque Tobacco condones the stupidity of anti smoking images on all tobacco products. English nasal snuff is not smoked and it is physically impossible to contract any of the diseases portrayed in these images from nasal snuff. Further more English nasal snuff has the backing of countless medical associations around the world like Cancer Research, Smokeless New Zealand, Ash and The Royal College of physicians as a much safer alternative to smoking. Our Government with the backing of the EC is killing 200,000 smokers every year in the UK by keeping the truth from them. Snuff is more than 99.9% safer than smoking and that is a medical fact. If this stupid law is to be imposed on tobacco products like snuff then the government is even more stupid than we thought. Toque Tobacco will defy this stupid law and fight for the health of our nation. One person switching from cigarettes to snuff is one person saved.

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