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October 03, 2008



Some people just do not get it ! It is never wise to try and regulate peoples personal behaviors ! Just look at all the private prisons now that are making a fortune of the incarceration of drug offenders;keep in mind that drug prohibition began as an effort to regulate which of course snowballed to prohibition.I for one would much rather die from tobacco use than be incarcerated in a prison,possibly raped,beaten and exploited for cheap labor ! Can anyone out there honestly say that a drug user or addict is better off in prison where he or she is exposed to a myrad of dangers that are not normally present in the outside world ? Now imagine the millions of additional people that would prone to imprisonment if tobacco is prohibited ! I am sure the private prison tycoons are already chomping at their bits !

It is living that eventualy kills us ! It is impossible to live freely and fully without being allowed to accept and or engage in at least some dangerous behaviors ! The fact that we are immortal is why it is so important to live freely ! More tobbaco regulation will only serve to further inhibit the freedom of millions of people whom already feel trapped and overstressed by a global system which thrives on the exploitation of the masses.

If you really want to do something helpfull for humanity then I suggest that you get involved in a effort to have the private prison industry shut down;otherwise please live and let live, freely !


There is nothing in Simon Chapman's opinion about prohibiting tobacco and I know he has never advocated prohibition nor jailing people for smoking. We certainly agree prohibition does not work for tobacco nor other drugs. We certainly don't support a repressive policy that would jail people and are in no way in favor of the growth of the jail industry (private or public) since we agree that the money spent on having someone jailed would be better spent on -for instance- paying an education at Harvard, since it is about the same price per year. This is not an endorsement for Harvard.

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